Some historical background
The yard of the Annunziata Vecchia is named after the “Monisterio formale” (Formal Cloister) where the nuns used to live from1480 to 1748. At that time, they moved out to the new cloister near the main door of the town, today called “Palazzo dell’Annunziata” (Palace of the Annunziata).
The Yard
In the square of the Cathedral, on the left side, hidden by an arch, a yard where all the windows and the doors of the houses on the first and upper floors overlook . In the middle of the stairs, a small votive niche, the madonna with the Angel, the Annunziata. The atmosphere is gripping and fascinating but one will not expect the extraordinary view once on the porch.
The Porch
It goes all around the house and offers a view full of history which will trap your sight...

The grotte rupestry (rocky caves),the Church,Sant’Agostino, on a cliff toward the torrent, San Pietro Barisano, partly caved in the rock, partly built. And then, cloisters, gardens, terraces, narrow streets They all constitute the roof of the houses downstairs On the ground level (Il Piano), The Palace of the Annunziata (Il Palazzo dell’Annunziata), San Francesco d’Assisi Church, The Castle. Finally, the modern town.

On the long porch, the B&B, All’Annunziata vecchia.
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